I'm a Computer Science Student at Carleton University.I am passionate about new ideas and new ways of thinking.

When I'm not in front of a computer screen , I enjoy learning new technologies,reading,music,fitness, and meeting new people.

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#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main() {

const char* name; const char* education; ; const char* experience; const char* skills;

name = "\t\t\t Mubarak Oseni";

education = "Education\n 2019\t Bachelor of Computer Science\t Carleton University \n\n ";

experience = "Experience\n June - Dec 2019\t Employment and Social Development Canada \t Junior Researcher\n\n ";

skills= "Skills\nLanguages:Javascript|HTML5|CSS|C++|C|Java|Python|SQL\n" "Frameworks-Tools:NodeJs|MongoDB|Android|Git|Github|Linux|MySQL|Photoshop\n\n";

cout<<name; cout<<"\n"; cout<<education; cout<<"\n"; cout<<experience; cout<<skills; cout<<"\n";

return 0;


mubarak@mubarak-ut:~/Mubarak/Resume$ |



Carleton University 2019

Computer Science, B.S.

Relevant Coursework:

Introduction to Computer Science I

python pygame pseudocode iteration arrays sorting searching

Introduction to Computer Science II

java Object Oriented Programming Abstraction recursion testing debugging

Discrete Structures I

pseudocode propositional logic predicate calculus set theory recurrences complexity of algorithms

Introduction to Systems Programming

c linux data representation memory management program structure shell scripts

Abstract Data Types and Algorithms

java Algorithm Analysis stacks queues lists trees graphs

Introduction to Software Engineering

c++ data abstraction code reuse software robustness UML diagram

Fundamentals of Web Applications

javascript html css node.js express.js JSON databases mongoDb

Discrete Structures II

pseudocode counting sequences and sums discrete probability basic statistics randomized algorithms

Object-Oriented Software Engineering

c++ software development Life Cycle software management professional ethics UML notation design patterns

Database Management Systems

sql relation model query languages ER model data organization Database programing techniques transaction processing

Programming Paradigms

haskell prolog functional programming constraint-based programming concurrent programming logic programming

Operating Systems

c linux Processes and System Calls Kernel memory management openstack Concurrency


embedded-sql dynamic-sql jdbc PL/SQL serializability concurrency consistency maintenance



















Bad Apple

A game designed and implemented with python and pygame. The objective of the game is to avoid all the incoming apples. The game ends when the ant collide with the apple

2018 python pygame GUI-based game collections


The CUACS system will store the profiles of the current animals up for adoption at the centre and it will also store the profiles of the people that are looking to adopt an animal.

2019 c++ Qt Team project Requirements Analysis Detailed Object Design Software Management

Heroes Database

A web app based on just the native capabilities of Node.js and JavaScript, that allows a user to retrieve and display super hero bios that are hosted on the server

2017 html css javascript node.js socket.io json

Utune Music Database

An application built in Linux with native capabilities of C++, to store music collections and then accessing the collection with a command line app.

2017 c++ makefile design pattern input output Class Hierarchy

Chat Room

A web app based on just the native capabilities of Node.js and JavaScript, that allows user to comunicate to each other. A chatroom is provided with a web page from the server consisting of html, css, and javascript, which employs the jQuery and Socket.io libraries.

2017 socket.IO jquery Node.js javascript html css

Newsletter Subscription

A newsletter subscription template

2018 html css ui design javascript jquery email validation

Word Unscrambler

A text based game designed and implemented with python.The game requires the user to use memory and thinking to unscramble the word.The game as 7 levels, each level include one more letter than the previous so the word is harder to unscramble.The user has 5 lives to complete the game. Each error is one live lost

2015 python dictionary input output

Memory Matching

An interactive game using jQuery and node.js.A single-player version of the memory match game "Concentration"..

2017 html css javascript node.js


A simple non functional calculator , built from just html and css.

2018 html css ui design